Jewelry is Self Care!

Jewelry is Self Care!

Tonight on my Live show, I mentioned the compliment that I received while out running errands. 

If you’ve been married for awhile or especially a mom, as time passes, you almost forget how to be cute and turn heads! It starts gradually, you trade the cute purse for a diaper bag, the heels for tennis shoes and the jewelry leaves because the baby is always pulling on it! So, now you understand where I’m coming from.

Erykah Badu has a song in which she says “I forgot that I was fine” ...girl, most days I can relate!

But tonight, a stranger complimented me on my eyes and my cute jewelry! Man, it made a girl feel good! 

So, remember if you don’t do anything else, WEAR CUTE JEWELRY! Don’t ever lose that part of you! Stay cute for YOU (and the random compliment)!