What’s The Difference Between Paparazzi Accessories and the Big Box stores?

What’s The Difference Between Paparazzi Accessories and the Big Box stores?

Hey y’all!

I was in Target today and saw some of the cutest jewelry!

Of course, I am always comparing what my boutique offers versus what is available in the big box stores. Tassels and acrylic is the “IT” Item this season. But I can’t get with $12-$20 for 1 pair of earrings or a necklace, when everything we sell is only $5!

It is ALL costume jewelry!!! If it doesn’t say 24K or 10k, it is ALL COSTUME JEWELRY!

Now, I love accessories so much until it doesn’t bother me to wear real or costume jewelry. I used to buy from every boutique or department store. The only place that I absolutely would not buy from would be the beauty supply stores (more on that later...). But when I discovered Paparazzi Accessories, all of that stopped!

I love the fact that our necklaces COME with matching earrings for FREE! ALL of our jewelry is lead-free and nickel-free.

What does that mean for you? How is that different than hypoallergenic??

A majority of the time, when someone is allergic to costume jewelry, they are actually allergic to the nickel in the jewelry. Paparazzi Accessories contains NO NICKEL OR LEAD!

Hypoallergenic just means that the item is only “less likely to cause a reaction”. It does not have a legal or medical definition. It is just another vague term that is tossed around in the industry.

What about stainless steel, you ask?

Stainless steel is still a mix of alloys or metals, which in turn means that about 8-12% of the mix contains nickel!

I don’t know of a single big box store that states that their items are nickel AND lead free like we do!

Plus, if my research doesn’t convince you, we also carry wooden jewelry, beaded jewelry and now acrylic jewelry! Again. it is only $5, what do you have to lose???


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