We understand! You have choices!

We understand! You have choices!

I love shopping online but given the current situation, I am pickier about when I spend my money. Can I use PayPal? Is there lay-away?? Is there someway to delay paying???

I mean, I know that we have to keep money moving in the community or otherwise we are all going to suffer after this event is over. Feeding my shopping habit is good for the community 😊!  But I still have bills to pay!!

Well, here at The $5 Style Maven Boutique, we have several options for you! Yes, we accept credit cards 💳 and we DO accept PayPal👍🏾! But even better than that, we accept AfterPay!!

Haven't heard of AfterPay?Well, let me tell you about it! 
     - It is NOT a store credit card

     - It does NOT charge interest.

 It is a partnership between us and the AfterPay company where they take your total of $35 or more and break it into payments. So, on a total of $35 (before tax), you would pay about $9 for 4 months! That’s it! You can even control when your payments are made!

Go check it all out on our website and then grab those HAUTE   pieces that you have been eyeing!


Until next time,

💞💞💋 Shakeerah


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