How To Live Life Like It’s Golden & Spend Next To Nothing!

How To Live Life Like It’s Golden & Spend Next To Nothing!

Hey there! 

It’s been a long time since I have been feeling inspired to write, but boy do I have a good one for you today!

This will probably be a series of sort, since it is based on how my kids and I did lots of interesting things this summer without breaking the bank!

So, the best tip is ... to use your reward programs! A few weeks ago, my kidlets and I went to the movie theater in the evening for FREE! We even got a big tub of popcorn for free too!

How did we do it you ask? Well, our gas service provider at our home is Gas South. This company allows you to pick from a list of events once a year. It ranged from baseball tickets to puppet show tickets. This year, I chose to get Fandango credits. I then used those credits to purchase tickets at our local AMC theater.

AMC has a rewards program of their own, one of which is receiving a big tub of popcorn once during your birthday month. Since my birthday is coming up, Friday to be exact, I redeemed my points and my kids and I were quite happy watching Toy Story 4 on a Saturday evening, munching on free popcorn!

While it can be aggravating to receive a lot of emails when you hand over your email address to different companies to join their rewards programs, the benefits definitely worth it!

Tell me...what are some of your tips for saving money while living the good life?

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