Have mentioned how much I love Aldi lately???

Have mentioned how much I love Aldi lately???

Hey y'all!

Of course it is the beginning of summer and my children are trying their best to eat me out of the house! It is actually better when we leave to go somewhere because it takes their minds off of what's in my pantry!

Today, we left to go run some errands and of course they were hungry. So, what did I do? Stop by my local Aldi store course! I GRABBED everything you see in the picture (plus another jug of water) and  I only spent $17 and some change!

Can you say score!!!

If you aren't familiar with Aldi or don't have one in your area, Aldi is a German grocery store that is a sister store to Trader Joe's. They don't carry too many name brand items, most items are $5 or less and they typically run a skeleton crew.  The stores do not have a deli, butcher section or bakery section so that helps to keep the prices and their overhead low.

If you have one in your  area, stop by today! Your wallet will be happy you did!

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