Gift Everyone On Your Holiday List This Year!

Gift Everyone On Your Holiday List This Year!

Hey you savvy shopper!

Even though we haven’t even made it through Halloween yet, everyone is secretly gearing up for the holidays. 

If you are like me, you are wondering how you are going to gift all the family members, tons of teachers and admin staff, bus drivers, dance teachers, neighbors ... just making this list is making my head hurt!

I mean, you have regular bills, holiday bills, birthdays (my oldest was born on December 12th!) and no one wants to start the new year off swimming in bills! So what’s the answer? Is there a fix for this problem?

Of course there is! Let me help! We stock the most trendiest jewelry and accessories, all for either $25, $5 or $1! Yes, $1!

Shop 24/7 at! We even offer AfterPay, where your purchases of $35 dollars or more can be broken into 4 installments! No credit needed and interest free!

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