Dresses - Your thing or not??

Dresses - Your thing or not??

Hey y’all!

If you know me IRL, you know I am the queen of 👗! I just love them. They are easy to throw on and the epitome of what I call “instant cute”. They cover all of my flaws and accentuate the places that I want to show off! 

What is “instant cute”, you ask?? Style that takes little to no effort. Throw it on with some cute accessories (of course 🥰) and you look like a million bucks in 10 minutes or less!

I also love dresses because my favorite store, Ross sells tons of them for super cheap! It’s all about your Cents of Style!

I posted a pic of a cute dress and what accessories I would match with it. And yes, all but the earrings are available on my website! Let me know what you think...


Until next time, 






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