Don’t Forget The Sauce!

Don’t Forget The Sauce!

Hey Glam Fam! It’s me again! 👋🏾

Tonight, I learned another life hack! And yes, it is both food and jewelry related!

A few weeks ago, I had the most Awesome-est (is that even a word🤨?) burger ever while my Assistants were out of town. Yes! That would be the perfect close to an awesome weekend. But, it was a little on the pricey side and there was no hideout eating tonight because the Assistants were riding with me... so what to do???

Make it myself, of course! 

So, here I am in Lidl, picking up what I need for dinner. All the stuff I don’t usually purchase for burger night, buns, lettuce, pickles, spicy ketchup and Dijon mustard. My arms are full now so it is definitely time to head to the register (shopping secret #1, don’t get a shopping cart because you are GUARANTEED to spend more money!)

Once at home, I cook the burgers perfectly and then I decide to add some fries as the perfect side dish. I then take out the buns and start assembling my burger - lettuce 🥬, tomato 🍅, spicy ketchup, Dijon mustard and pickles. Slide everything on to a plate and time to eat! Y’all! That first bite was HEAVEN! But...I make burgers at home all the time, what was so special about this burger???

IT WAS THE TOPPINGS! They really do make a difference in the taste, Normally, I just do the bare minimum, which is a couple pieces of toast, ketchup and mustard. But needless to say, I am forever changed.

The same can be said for adding accessories to my outfit. You can completely change the look of an outfit by adding a statement pair of earrings, a cute bracelet and a ring! When you KNOW you look good, it helps your mood too!

Try it out today! Grab your fav outfit, figure out what color you are going to use to accessorize and just GO CRAZY! Then tell me about all the compliments that you received!




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